4 Ways, a Virtual CIO, Helps Small Business

Every business starts with a dream of expansion and growth. Most small businesses have realized the potential of technology and how IT consulting services can help them enhance their productivity. But it is also true that not all businesses, especially small and mid-sized are capable of collaborating with IT firms or hire an internal IT team.

Most often in small businesses, on-site IT professionals providing small business IT support services are concerned with addressing and managing tactical issues. This leaves them with little or no time to monitor, maintain or plan IT strategies. These small enterprises have found an easy alternative to expanding or restaffing their IT team in a virtual CIO.

What is a Virtual CIO?
To put it into simple words, Virtual CIO is a service provided by Managed Service Providers for small to mid-sized businesses. The work profile of a Virtual CIO entails managing and maintaining tasks performed by Chief Technology Officers, Chief Information Officers, and IT consultants.

From monitoring and maintaining the IT infrastructure of business to looking after virus protection, data recovery and on-site support, the virtual CIO take care of the data security and accessibility. It is their work to proactively measure and maintain the health of the IT infrastructure and its security at a budget assigned for it.

Here are how a Virtual CIO can help an SMB

Technology Roadmap
For the success of any business enterprise, it is essential to have a forward-thinking attitude and mindset. Thus, with a virtual CIO, an SMB can effectively formulate plans and strategies which would help them leverage the power of IT to attain long-term business targets.

Security and Disaster Planning
Preparing for any significant data disaster in advance is the only way forward to avert the catastrophic effects of it. Businesses have long realized the importance of having a data recovery plan. With Virtual CIOs, small companies can reap the benefits of data recovery strategy which would allow them to respond to any disastrous event quickly.

With an increasing number of data breaches and cybercrimes, businesses and corporations have made IT security their prime concern. Since data generated in small enterprises are relatively small and have low IT budget, they are more prone to data breach and cyber attacks. These enterprises can leverage the data security services provided by Virtual CIOs. Besides strategic planning, they offer the facility for data monitoring and server assistance.

IT Maintenance, Monitoring and Management
For consistent productivity and seamless operations, business needs uninterrupted IT management. The services offered by Virtual CIOs are not only to provide constant monitoring of systems and servers, but it also includes maintaining the IT performance and productivity of the IT equipment. They ensure that the business processes and operations are functioning efficiently.

24/7 Specialized IT Expertise
Having an internal IT team doesn’t always mean that you have the right person with right IT skill set. Here, by having the assistance of Virtual CIO, SMBs can get peace of mind. There is no denying the fact that IT has the power to transform any business. Most small companies are keen to leverage the power of technologies like cloud computing, CRM software and hybrid computing, but lack of resources and budget is a major constraint. But these businesses still benefit from these technological advancements without investing heavily on it with the help of Virtual CIOs.